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ACQUA line

Innovative cosmetic line with an osmotic, draining, detoxifyng and re-mineralising action. Reduces the presence of oedematous cellulite and alleviates swollen, sore legs with visible capillaries. Main active ingredients include Dead Sea salts, Rusco, Centella, Horse Chestnut, Aescin, Birch, Carnivore plant extract (Sundew), Red grape vine. For a more tonic and smoothed skin look, an immediate anti-edema effect and strenghtened capillaires, and a general feeling of lightness and comfort for the lower limbs..


ARIA line

Cosmetic line with elasticizing, firming and nourishing action. Ideal for individuals displaying sagging and under oxygenated skin, with stretch marks and flaccide cellulite. Ingredients: Hops, Elastin phospholipids, Avocado oil, Coconut, Sweet almonds, Rose hip, Yarrow, Menthol, Birch, Ruscus, Red grape vine, Aloe, Karitè butter, Ivy, Centella, Vitamina A. For a more elastic and silked look, and an immediate feeling of smoothness and nourishment of the skin.


FUOCO line

Decisive cosmetic treatment to reduce imperfections of most persistent cellulite and adipose tissue.
For individuals displaying fybrosis cellulite, hardened adipose desposits or generally overweight. Main ingredients: Methyl nicotinate, Capsicum, Caffeine, Camphor, Ruscus, Ivy, Fucus, Iodin, Birch, Jojoba, Sweet almonds, Avocado, Eucalyptus, Arnica, Ginko, Aescin.
Cellulite and adipose imperfections get rapidly reduced, with a resulting smoother, firmer skin and an efficiently rectivated circulation.


OLEO line

osmetic line with marked antioxidants, moisturizing, soothing and smoothing action. Main ingredients include Argan, Sweet Almond oils and Orange essential oil, whose action is very effective to enhance massage benefits. A stabilizing, nourishing and soothing effect suited for all skin types.


TERRA line

Cutting-edge cosmeceutic line, developed from newly-experimented molecules, to reduce cellulite and fat deposits.
Main ingredient is Phosphatidylcholine, a lipid mainly present in vegetables like soy, increasingly availed both in medical and cosmetic fields, for its action of fats solubilization and efficiency in decreasing adipose areas. For an immediate effect of reducement of fatty deposits, even in case of visible capillars. Ideal to reshape one’s body outline. The feel of epidermis activity generated by these products may vary from person to person – from a warming to a cooling sensation.


CORPO line

Our range of body creams to please every skin type, with persistent and new fragranges, and textures suitable for most demanding types. All creams contain no parfume allergens, are parabens free and petroleum jellies-free, and get microbiologically tested. After applying, skin gets silkier, smoother and softer.